A banana tree was planted in a pothole in the middle of a Florida road in an act of protest to draw attention to the condition of the the roads.

Witnesses said two men were seen attending to the tree in the middle of Honda Drive in Fort Myers after planting it in the large pothole in the middle of the road.

Drivers said the road is filled with potholes that have caused damage to cars that failed to dodge them.

Those who use the road said the tree makes the pothole easier to spot, but it hasn’t solved the road’s problems.

The tree makes it harder to get around the next pothole that’s right next to it. Because normally I just drive over the pothole, but because there’s a big tree you can’t drive through a tree,

Nicholas Angus told WINK-TV.

Lee County officials said the road is privately owned, so the potholes won’t be repaired by county crews. They said it is up to the road’s owners to have the pavement repaired.

[Source: UPI]