A divorce lawyer has revealed the five jobs that have the highest number of cheaters – and the results….surprised us👀🤥

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Kate Simonds, who works as an attorney in Arizona, took to Instagram to dish the dirt, listing down the five jobs with the most cheating scandals:

At number five, pilots and flight attendants.

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Next likely to cheat (#4) were men in the military,

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followed by bartenders (#3), to be honest, I feel like this is a no-brainer..lol

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Number two, police officers: *side eye*

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And number one, firefighters…

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SIDENOTE: Not everyone in these fields cheats, but studies show that MOST men in these fields do.

It isn’t the most surprising news that people cheat but it has made one thing clear, most of them are from this field of work. Though many of those who cheat do come from these different occupation, that does not leave out the rest who do cheat and do not work in the same field as the ones mentioned in this study.

That does not mean that you need to steer clear of all who work in these different fields of work. It just makes you aware of the risks of dating someone who works the same job as the ones mentioned.

But even with that study, we can all agree that cheating in general no matter what job you have, is not a good thing.