Can you imagine going about your day doing the same thing you did the day before just for somebody telling you not to sit on a public bench??? A public bench that they’re not even using????

That’s precisely what happened in this video when a fitness blogger, whose face has been covered for safety reasons, started going off at a man for sitting on the bench behind her during her live stream.

The video starts off with the blogger standing in a park introducing her video the way she usually would. In the middle of her introduction, a gentleman walks into the frame and sits on the park bench that’s sitting right behind her.

This prompts the blogger to walk up to the gentleman and ask him politely if he could move to another chair.

The man then nicely declines and says that that was the bench he sits on every day and that he just needed to answer a call.

The blogger then continuously asks the man if he could move to another bench.

He then says that he’s already sitting to rest his legs and now he’s a bit too tired to move all the way to the next bench.

She starts getting annoyed and tells him that her followers are watching the live stream and they don’t want to see an “old man sat there on a bench.”

You can check out the video for yourself below.