Pastor Tamanisau started cooking meals before COVID-19.

“It is my passion. I grew up back home in Fiji, in my family, what we have is for the people,”- Mr.Tamanisau.

Pastor Tamanisau and his wife Evelyn met the boys at church and they are now spreading the true Fijian spirit, by helping Australians struggling with the high cost of living.

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Life in Australia has not been easy for the boys as they are away from their families, and they save what they can to send to Fiji to help their families at home while also giving back to the Australian community.

Singing the famous hymn “Eda sa Qaqa” while they cook❤


“It is part of our life to cook food and bring people together in a community,” Mr Ramasi said.

“So we can share it amongst people, that’s our Fijian culture.”

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Vinaka Boys! Dou Kalougata tiko! Loloma mai Viti💙

[Credits to ABCNews]