I mean if you think about it, the food, the entertainment, even the prizes that you could win???

Imagine taking your special person on a date to Fiji Showcase just to win them a cool prize because you took part in one of the competitions.

Also, everyone knows that you win something special if you’re the first person to come through the gates, so you can even set that as a date idea!

There are also plenty of cute couples photo opportunities with the different colors and lights, especially at night.

You don’t even have to do much, because the event will set the mood for you.

Let me just create the setting for you: you walk in, take your date on a tour of the different booths inside the Vodafone Arena, maybe check out some new gadgets that you can get for each other or even new clothes that you can wear on your second Fiji Showcase date, watch some entertainers who came all the way from overseas just for you, and then bring her out to enjoy some great food and even more entertainment from your favorite radio personalities!

The dates are set so make sure to mark your calendars for July 5th to July 13th!

See you and your date there!