One thing we can all agree on is that happiness was different back in the day. Kids now days would define “happiness” as playing games on their phones/tablets, staying indoors watching Youtube and what so ever, but little do they know, that real fun starts outside of their comfort zones.

Below we will list some of the unforgettable and fun games that made our childhood, and also, feel free to drop yours in our FB comments section.


    Who can forget this brainboxing game? definitely one of those games we play when we are in school and sparing a few minutes before the next class or next break. Impressing your friends with your intellectual knowledge and so on…


    Who remembers this one? Showing off your “top” skills but spinning the tops in all kinds of styles, and if you want to impress your crush, try spinning the top with your bare hands! LOL.

  3. HE/ HIDE & SEEK

    Definitely, every kid here in Fiji has played this game. Whether it’s playing it at school, and family functions even! Playing “he” or “hide & seek” is a must! esp when you’re with your friends, cousins, or kids around the same age as you or older even. ONE FOR THE BOOKS I’D SAY!


    Scattering all your pens and pencils on top of  a school desk and taking turns flicking it till the pen reaches the other side of the desk, that will have you owning a pen you didn’t even need to buy!

    Well, the list will just keep continuing at his point but we will wrap it up here! Thanks for checking out this story; we hope it brought a little nostalgia. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family, and might as well teach the young ones about the games that made your childhood back in the days. Once again do let us know about your favorite childhood games in our FB comments section.

    Have a great week fam!