While promoting the new film, Vin Diesel gave some hope to fans who believed the end was near, hinting that the final instalment could be divided into three parts instead of two, as originally planned

Speaking to areporter ahead of the film’s premiere in Rome, the actor teased that the finale could in fact be three films long when asked about the future of his character Dom Toretto.

Without giving away too much I can say this. Going into making this movie, the studio asked if this could be a two-parter

Most fans are not really for it cause it seems as if Fast & Furious lost the plot, especially with the recent movies.

We’ve seen it all, driving cars on roads, off buildings, jumping off planes in their cars, and most recently, driving a car into space with rockets strapped to it.

So I hope that during these last two parts of the trilogy, they don’t do too much that will take away what F&F was when it first started.