With their imminent remake, The Fantastic Four seems to have a lot to prove. Now that it appears like a significant shift is underway, this new Marvel Cinematic Universe endeavor may finally distinguish itself from its doomed forerunners.


It can be challenging to decide which casting rumors about the Fantastic Four from the Marvel Cinematic Universe are real. This is a brand that has a notoriously difficult time being faithfully adapted for the big screen, especially after the critically panned Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) and the disastrous Fantastic Four (or FANT4STIC) in 2015.


So, making one that finally appeals to reviewers and audiences at this stage is definitely a source of pride for someone. Even if not much is known about the MCU’s attempt at telling the story, some intriguing new twists might be sufficient to elevate it above the ordinary.


Industry insider Jeff Sneider has revealed that the character will be female, which will probably surprise some fans. But because this isn’t exactly new, those fans might want to review their comic book history and so might I.