SIKE! You thought this was going to be an article about a list of excuses to use with your family when you disappear for three days??

Well you’re wrong!

All jokes aside, please make sure that one of your family members know where you are at all times, because if something happens to you, God forbid, at least they know where you are the last time they spoke to you.

We’ve been seeing a lot of funny stories about people going missing on benders and they do provide a good laugh, but in this day and age it’s better to be safe than sorry.

It’s really hard to be honest about your house party shenanigans to your family because getting the telling off from them is probably the last thing you want to experience, especially when you’re trying to have fun with your peers, but I assure you that prevention is better than cure and the knowledge of where you are might just save either your life or the life of someone around you.

I know we tend to joke a lot but we do care about your safety and we’d hate to hear that something bad happened to you, so in this public holiday long weekend, we hope you’re aware of your surroundings at all times as well as the company you’re keeping and most importantly, a loved one knows your whereabouts.