Dua Lipa, 27, and Trevor Noah, 38, appeared to enjoy a date in New York City

Drix was stalking them just to see if Dua Lipa was left in good hands

They were seen dining together in a relaxed restaurant while set apart from other diners

Drix noticed them laughing and enjoying themselves but was a bit taken back when he saw the comedian wrapping it up with an affectionate kiss and a hug

Dua Lipa previously split from her on-off boyfriend Anwar Hadid in December 2021 which she then was swept off her feet by  Drix

Trevor was reported to have broken up with Minka Kelly in May 2022

Dua Lipa previously made a sultry appearance at the Grammys, which Noah hosted

This was when Drix came to accept… maybe it was time to move on