A woman is suing Popeyes after allegedly being attacked by their employees after she tried to correct her order.

Customer Denetra Dawson filed a lawsuit on Friday, 4 August, nearly a year after she claims she was attacked by employees of a Popeyes restaurant on Cleveland Avenue in southwest Atlanta, Georgia

Dawson claims she was in the drive-thru area of the establishment when employees came out and allegedly assaulted her. Three workers are said to be involved in the attack.

According to the document, Dawson said she received her order, realised it was incorrect and so she asked to speak with a manager.

The police statement continues:

The victim advised that two employees came out to her vehicle, and one of the employees that wears a nose ring, got inside her vehicle and started assaulting her.

As per the report, Dawson suffered ‘visible scratches to her face’ alongside ‘braids ripped from her head’.

Dawson told Fox 5 Atlanta:

I didn’t even think I was going to make it back to my kids. I simply went to get food for my kids, I still don’t understand why me.

Dawson also notes she’s now unable to ‘get certain hairstyles’ as a result of having one of her braids ripped out.

They took my identity. I take pride in my hair.

If that was me, those Popeyes chumps would be catching these hands!

[Source: UNILAD]