Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the first person on the planet to hit 500 million Instagram followers


Cristiano Ronaldo has smashed records left, right, and centre his whole life, and his social media account is no exception.

The Manchester United star has become the first person ever to reach a massive 500 million followers on Instagram.

That means that more than 10 per cent of the world’s population (or around one in every 16 people) now follow the Portuguese footballer.

Mind-blowing, when you really think about it.

The next most-followed Instagram accounts belong to footballer Lionel Messi, trailing at a paltry 376 million and Kylie Jenner at 372 million.

On average, Ronaldo’s photos usually earn him an average of 10 million likes per post.

The photograph, taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, has since become the second-most-liked post on Instagram.

The only post that beats it is a photo of an egg with a whopping 55.9 million likes.

And that one is still on the rise.