A couple has gone ahead with their wedding after the groom-to-be suffered horrific injuries just before their big day.

However, things took an ugly turn when Preston endured a chemical spill accident, which saw his literal ‘skin detach from his elbow’ on June 30.

Preston was transferred to JMS Burn Center at Doctors Hospital following the incident.

I literally watched the skin from my elbow, like, detach and literally just go to dust and crumble

he told the outlet.

I literally felt like that was going to be the end.

Preston feared that his wife would no longer want to marry him. However, he couldn’t have been more wrong. Despite the couple being unable to exchange vows at their original wedding venue, their special day still went ahead thanks to one creative nurse.

Mary Cook, a JMS Burn Centre nurse, overheard the couple’s wedding conversations and decided to turn their dreams into a reality. The nurse enlisted the help of other staff members to get food, a DJ, flowers and a venue set up.

Well, it might not have been the day they had planned, but nonetheless, it was still magical.

We all love a happy ending!

[Source: LADBIBLE]