A Tik Tok influencer couple has recently just found out that they might be half-sisters after discovering that both their mums once had a physical relationship with the same man before they were born.

The influencer couple uploaded a video of their story to their Tik Tok channel and it’s garnered millions of views with comments from people telling them to get a DNA test done asap.



They’ve expressed that even if they do take a DNA test and it says that they ARE half-sisters, they might not end their two-year relationship and continue being lovers.

The two ladies also share an Only Fans account and people have been speculating that the whole story is false and that this is just a strategic way of garnering subscribers for their OF account.

For whatever reason they decided to share this very personal information with the world, we just wish them all the best in life.

You can check out their video below:

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SOURCE: New York Post