I really don’t know how to feel about this story because on the one side, I think the man should pay the money back and on the other side, he was let go by the same company before his probation period ended which would’ve left him in a financial rut for a while.

So what had happened was that a man was working for a company in Hungary before he was let go during his trial period. During his short time there, he earned around $577FJD. Instead, the company accidentally wired him $226,191FJD to the man’s Austrian bank account.

When the company approached the man to wire it back to them, the man said he no longer had access to his Austrian bank account.

After a very short investigation, they saw that the man had withdrawn a significant amount of money from his Austrian bank account and now he is on the run with no intentions of returning the money.

The company was able to get the rest of the money left in the bank back to them, but the amount that was withdrawn is now nowhere to be found.

Mr. One Day Rich is now being charged with unlawful appropriation and risks a huge fine.

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