He Did It! Chris Brown Keeps Nearly 20-Year Billboard 200 Top 10 Streak Intact with Debut of '11:11' - That Grape Juice

Chris Brown became the FIRST artist this century to chart for 20 consecutive years thanks to ‘IDGAF’ & ‘Sensational’.

Joining the ranks of Elton John, Rod Stewart, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, and Elvis Presley, Chris – unlike his predecessors – is uniquely the first among artists to debut this century who have been included in the exclusive club.

Chris Brown, known for his versatile talents as a singer, dancer, and actor, has been a prominent figure in the music scene since his debut in the mid-2000s. Charting for two decades would demonstrate not only his initial success but also his ability to adapt to changing musical landscapes and maintain relevance over time, and I’m all here for it!

 Is he the King of R&B??

If Chris Brown is the Biggest R&B Artist of the Decade, Why Isn't He King  of R&B? – good ears only

[Source: Twitter, Pics from Getty Images, The Grape Juice News]