Chance the Rapper is known in Hollywood for being the epitome of a loyal husband. He’s constantly seen uploading videos of himself claiming to be the poster boy for good husbands.

This all came to a standstill when he was seen dancing provocatively with another woman at a Caribbean carnival.

The video was first seen on Twitter and in it, you can clearly see Chance the Rapper letting another woman grind on him while he excitedly and aggressively pushes up on her while slapping her butt cheeks every now and then.


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It triggered the Twitterverse with users wondering if this is what a loving father and husband should be doing when he’s not with his family.

Although there were a lot of people that were shaming Chance, there were people on Twitter that were saying that what he’s doing is completely for someone who will be at the carnival.

Dancing on strangers in such a way was seen as something that comes naturally when you’re at a carnival and it has nothing to do with your loyalty to your spouse.

There were also people arguing on the fact that his own wife could’ve been the one that was recording the video and that Chance wouldn’t risk doing something like that so out in the open knowing full well that people will most likely pull out their cameras to film him if he was trying to hide something.

Either way, Chance and his wife haven’t come out with a statement, and to be honest, I feel like they shouldn’t have to. Especially if they both know about it and the wife doesn’t see anything wrong with it.