Cardi B is convinced that there is a ghost living in her house, and she seems to believe that it wants to have sex with her.

She’s come to that conclusion based on the idea that the ‘ghost’ or whatever it is only comes out to bother her when her husband Offset isn’t around.

So, that obviously means that it wants her alone. And honestly, that’s not even the strangest thing about this tale.

Cardi B  has been experiencing some supernatural going on within her Los Angeles home and revealed her fears to her followers on an Instagram Live earlier this week.

Since then, the footage has been uploaded to every social media platform going, so you can see it out there.

Explaining what she keeps noticing, she told her fans:

I start hearing like a fly sound, right?

Bro, I haven’t been able to find the f***ing fly, I started hearing this sound in the hallway.

She asked a security guard up into the house to see if they could make sense of it, but the sound was nowhere to be heard when he was there.

Things are getting so bad that she’s even considered staying in a hotel. Well, she can definitely afford it. To be fair, she could also probably afford to fly an exorcist in from the Vatican and really get to the bottom of the problem once and for all.

[Source: UNILAD]