The name Bunene has become synonymous with losing phones in taxis, but she seems to have a good luck streak going, because the amount of times she’s lost it right before it was returned to her.

Yesterday was no exception as she lost her phone once again in a taxi.

Lucky for her, the driver of said taxi was such a Good Samaritan.

According to Bunene, she was on her way to buy bread and when she was coming back, she dropped her phone while paying for her fare. Lucky for her, she was sitting in the front passenger seat so it was easy for the driver to see it when he drove off.

When she realized that she had dropped it, she called it right away and it didn’t take long for the driver, Shalendra Prasad, to answer it.

Shalendra then told her that he was at Cunningham and that he would be turning around as soon as possible to come drop her phone off.

While waiting for her phone to be returned, Bunene was pacing back and forth on the cul-de-sac of her street. Unbeknownst to her, the neighbors were observing her this whole time and they were whispering to themselves about what could possibly be the reason for her stress so early in the morning. They correctly narrowed it down to her losing her phone. How do we know this? Bunene actually overheard them as their whispering was a little too loud for their own good.

Finally, she saw Shalendra’s taxi coming down her street towards like a valiant knight riding on his noble steed. He tooted his horn a few times when he saw Bunene standing at the top of her driveway just to let her know that he was there and that her phone was safe.

He then gave the phone back to Bunene and just when Bunene was going to give him some money to thank him, he says,

“It’s unnecessary and God is watching.”

Not all heroes wear capes.

Below is a post made by Bunene thanking Shalendra for his good deed.

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