All eyes have been on Britney Spears through her controversial, high-profile conservatorship battle. Now, the pop icon is telling her own story.

Over the past several weeks, Britney Spears has been very active on social media, writing a number of posts featuring long captions or chunks of text revealing many of her past struggles with her career, her past relationships, her self-image, and her family. While some have questioned the seemingly erratic behaviour, it turns out she had a good reason for sharing — and occasionally deleting — those posts. As she revealed in her latest Instagram post, she’s writing a book about her experiences, a process she calls “healing and therapeutic.”

I want to address my recent post captioning my past,” she wrote. “To my understanding, to most it’s confusing… why express NOW??? Well, I’m writing a book at the moment and as it’s actually healing and therapeutic… it’s also hard bringing up past events in my life… I’ve never been able to express openly.I can only imagine that I do sound childish but I was extremely young with those events took place … and addressing it now … I’m sure it seems irrelevant to most and I’m completely aware of that !!!

It was previously reported that Spears had signed a book deal with Simon & Schuster which was called one of the biggest ever at an estimated $15 million. Apparently, Spears’ tweets have been something of a rough draft, her way of organizing her thoughts before committing them to print. As she notes in her post, both her mom and her sister Jamie Lynn have sold memoirs, something she initially didn’t approve of. However, it seems she’s finally ready to talk about it after baring her soul — as well as as much of her body as Instagram will allow. One thing is for sure: If ever there was a guaranteed day-one best seller, Spears’ book would certainly fit the bill.