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This is definitely not the first time someone has tried to make money off of their bodily fluids, but this one is actually trying to go about this the legit way and I honestly don’t know how to feel about it.

I know when we read about stories like this, we tend to ask ourselves if the person in question knows what they’re doing or what their thinking process was leading up to that moment.

Thankfully, Wanessa Moura, a 29-year-old Brazilian model,  has even explained why she’s decided to add her sweat to the ingredients.

“My natural smell entices men, so I used drops of my sweat as a base for the perfume’s fragrance. My sweat was the most important ingredient in the formula for this love and sex potion that my perfume became. It is the ideal perfume for dating and enjoying pleasant experiences with your partner or attracting the attention of those you like.”

According to Moura, her boyfriend and ex-lovers, all have said that she has an amazing scent on her body and that it drives them crazy.


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We’re not sure if they were all just saying that because they were biased when she was their girlfriend, but I feel like I have just enough curiosity in me to try it out just to see how good she claims this to smell.

SOURCE: Oddity Central