Imagine going under the knife for a condition that you’re trying to get rid of because of its threat to your health just to wake up and see that half of your limb is gone!

A samba dancer recently went under an operation to treat her uterine fibroids but was absolutely shocked to find that half of her arm was missing when she finally regained conscientiousness.

According to Doctors, her arm went into necrosis, which is a flesh-eating disease that can develop in the span of days or even hours, during the initial uterine fibroid operation.

A few days after the first operation, the doctors noticed that her arm, from just below the elbow, was starting to turn black and was cold to the touch. That’s when they decided to amputate her arm.

During the same procedure, they also gave her a hysterectomy, which is a procedure where her uterus and ovaries are completely removed thus preventing her from being able to have biological children in the future.

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