Neymar is Brazil’s second-highest scorer with 75 goals, behind only Pele, but he is yet to win a World Cup title.

He started at Brazilian side Santos before moving to Barcelona in 2013.

Although Neymar is 30, there is a real hope that this year could be his and Brazil’s year.



For so many in Fiji, we’re usually cheering for Brazil and because of that, we’ve somehow fallen into the Mandela effect thinking that Brazil would’ve won at least within the past 2 decades.

Turns out Brazil hasn’t won a World Cup for the past 20 years.

Brazil last won the World Cup in 2002 defeating Germany 2-0.



Meanwhile, Brazil has just won their match against Serbia 2-0.

In terms of the most world cup wins though Brazil does dominate



In other games, Portugal beat Ghana 3-2.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the winner in the 65th minute.

Switzerland beat Cameroon 1-0 last night, and South Korea drew with Uruguay 0-0 this morning.

[Source: BBC]