Imagine playing hide and seek with your friends, finding a good place to hide, falling asleep in your hiding spot because it’s so good and your friends are having a hard time finding you, just to wake up and find yourself in a different country altogether.

Well this happened to a young Bangladeshi boy named Fahim who found himself in Malaysia when the container was finally opened.

When the container reached Malaysian ports and was opened, an emaciated Fahim stepped out scared and shocked that he didn’t recognize his surroundings and all the people that were waiting outside for him.


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At first, authorities believed that it was a human trafficking incident, but after getting someone to translate, they found out that he was playing hide and seek when he fell asleep in the container. By the time he woke up, the container was locked up and even though he tried to bang on the container walls and cry out for help, no one heard him and came to his rescue so he had to spend 6 days in the container without any food and water.

Fahim was eventually taken to the hospital and Malaysian authorities are planning to take him back to his home country once he makes a full recovery.

People are saying that Fahim really got lucky this time as container ships tend to spend weeks, even months, out in the sea and if he had spent that much time locked in the container without any food and water, it wouldn’t have ended well for Fahim at all.