Now it’s not news that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez decided to rekindle their friendship/love for each other after her split with A-Rod and we weren’t mad about it. They make a gorgeous couple and they seemed to pick up exactly where they left off.

It was as if there was no love lost in the years they were seeing other people and they made each other very happy which was the most important thing.

Recently, they made it official and decided to tie the knot in a very private ceremony with their loved ones. They released pictures from the wedding on social media today and they are so cute!



It came as a shock to a lot of us, but not so much in the sense that we weren’t expecting them to get married at all, but more along the lines of we figured they would have a grand ceremony instead of the private type they decided to have.

Either way, we’re super happy for them and the fact that J-Lo has officially changed her name to Jennifer Affleck just goes to show that she seems to be pretty serious about this. For context, she didn’t change her last name in her 3 previous marriages.

Congratulations again to the happy couple.