Being the “other woman” is and should NEVER be something you flex! If you’ve got a married man pursuing you… here’s what you should do

If he’s pursuing you on social media, constantly messaging, calling..let the wife know, send evidence so she doesn’t call you delusional, and then you BLOCK a nikka.

If he’s a work colleague and he’s acting out of line…MAKE IT KNOWN TO HIM THAT YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED, then you tell the relevant authorities, AND KEEP YOUR DISTANCE, Don’t entertain him!

Now if they didn’t work out, they are not together anymore, but they arent divorced, it basically means they are still married, and the last thing any woman would want is to be in the way of something, let alone being a mistress.

The first and right thing to do is to ask about his wife, if shes still in the picture. But don’t just take their word for it tho, try to contact their supposed *ex* and ask if things are really over and done with. That way all doubt will be cleared and it saves unnecessary drama.

I mean, hey, we are all adults right? And there’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with drama.

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