First of all, who would do this???!!!

Secondly, where can I get one??!! haha

Angry locals of a village in India recorded a video of them discovering that the “new road” they thought a contractor laid down for them actually turned out to be a very thick carpet with a thin layer of asphalt over it to try and make it look like a real road.

The poor road was built as part of the Prime Minister Rural Roads Scheme, and the company that worked on this particular project claimed to have used the latest German technology to build the road.

This project came about after the locals constantly complained about the poor road conditions in the area.

It’s a shame that after a long time of begging authorities to do something about the dangerous traveling conditions due to the road being unsuitable for any kind of commuting, the response was to try and pull a fast one over the locals by just spreading an asphalt covered carpet over the road.

What a shame!