A new mom has gotten a whole lot of backlash for piercing her daughter’s ears a day after being born, with many parents saying she should wait until the child is old enough to make the decision for herself.

The mother, who posts under her daughter’s name – Lara – on TikTok, shared an innocent video of her baby girl just hours after her birth compared to her now at three months old.

The adorable tot had a tiny flower earring visible in the footage from her first 24 hours on earth, and it caused a raucous to explode in the comments section below.

But others defended the decision saying that it’s common in some cultures to pierce a young girls’ ears early in life.

Maybe it’s just me but on the day my children were born getting their ears pierced was very far down my list of concerns

one woman said.

The mother claimed that babies’ ear lobes are softer when they’re really young and her daughter wouldn’t have felt any major pain, in fact, she ‘didn’t even react’.

Others agreed that it was common to pierce young girls’ ears as an infant.

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[Source: Mail Online]