What would you do if all of a sudden a stadium full of people started booing at you? Well safe to say we never know how to react to this type of thing.

Kim Kardashian was majorly humbled after she got booed by the crowd at an American football game with her son Saint.

Kim attended the Rams vs Cowboys game in LA over the weekend, and she did not get the warm welcome she may have expected.

Shocked GIFs | Tenor

The video of the reality star appearing on the big screen has gone viral, and let’s just say she was met with some pretty aggressive boos from the crowd. Some of the boos felt kind of personal like Ca Makawa.( iTaukei word for bad heart or grudge)

Of course, there are a few who agreed with the crowd’s reaction saying that they “like to see it”.

One even went as far as to say that despite the two teams’ fans hating each other, they can agree on one thing – hating the Kardashians.

In all fairness, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but to publicly shame, and show such hateful behaviour is simply out of line.

The simple truth is no one deserves to be booed from a stadium.