Tattooing is hard enough as an adult, but the fact that this kid is able to turn his doodles into permanent art on his dad is amazing.

I say amazing because he is so precise and neat with it. He also takes so many careful well-thought-out steps before finally tattooing his dad, but it’s still very impressive.

His dad uploaded a video of him and the process he takes before he finally starts tattooing and it’s currently going viral.

You can clearly see the boy creating the template for the design, and then putting that template on carbon paper. He then practices on a surface that’s similar to skin and then he finally starts tattooing his dad’s leg.

Some have praised the dad in the comments commending him for honing in on the son’s passions because people will pay big money in the future for his work.

For me personally, other than the fact that he should be wearing gloves in the video, I think this kid has it down pat when it comes to the inking industry.