Have you ever wondered whether that Fijian boy who seems a bit “too friendly” is into you or not?

Are you not sure of what the signs are?

Well here are just 5 simple signs that that boy is trying to “fix” you.

  1. When all he does is tease you. As “twelvie” as that may sound it’s true. Most Fijian boys didn’t grow up watching/reading romantic books and movies. They preferred watching Walker Texas Ranger over the Notebook. So playfully making fun of how big her forehead is is probably the most romantic thing you can get from most Fijian boys.
  2. He’s shy around you. He could probably be the funniest guy in the group cracking all the jokes at the grog session but once the girl he likes arrives at said grog session they’ve suddenly forgotten how to speak.
  3. (if he plays sport) He’s going to invite you to come watch his games. This one’s a no-brainer! If he’s competing in any kind of sport. You’ll be invited to watch…ALL of them.
  4. Fast replies. More often than not most Fijian boys can barely hold a conversation online with their boys so if he is replying to you within seconds then you’ve got yourself a smitten one.
  5. Calls your parents “Nei” and “Momo”. If he’s bold enough to claim your parents as his in-laws while not even being in a relationship with you yet then he’s either bold or he’s friends dared him to do it. Either way, he’s walking a very thin of being considered cute or a weirdo.

These are just a few of the signs to tell whether the Fijian boy who you’re talking to likes you or not.

Are there any more you can think of?