A young mother who went viral for recording herself pretending to be her 13-year-old daughter at her school in order to prove a point was recently found guilty of criminal trespassing.

On November 15, a jury sentenced Casey Garcia to six months of probation and ordered her to pay a fine of $700 in connection to a 2021 incident where she attended classes at San Elizario Middle School disguised as her teenage daughter, in order to show how easy it was for an adult to enter the school.


In the viral video titled “Why I posed as my 13-year-old daughter. A raw but real answer.”, Garcia said that after putting on her rudimentary disguise, she went to the school, where someone just checked her ID and asked her if she had signed in yet, before allowing her inside. The mother claimed that security was more concerned about her smartphone being out than with checking her real identity. She was able to attend classes like a regular teenager.

I bet you anything someone else can do this,

Garcia says in the video.

Garcia was allegedly able to attend all classes without anyone asking her any questions, except for the last period, when the teacher asked her to stay behind, and recognized her voice when she answered.