Now we’ve all attended a birthday at a certain time or we’ve popped into a kid’s birthday party and walked away with a goodie bag; it is usually the host’s way of saying “Thank you for coming” or maybe “Thank you for the gifts”, usually consisting of maybe a birthday programme and a few tasty treats and munchies to pass the time till the actual food comes out.

Now for the Oscars last week, a bunch of celebrity guests got gift bags; namely all the nominees of the wards for this year. This is a move by the Oscars so that the losers don’t feel ‘left out’ when they don’t get an award. The gift bags have only been brought to the attention of the media by Ricky Gervais going vocal on Twitter and blasting the awards show for the unrealistic costs of the goodie bag.

“If you’re unemployed for example, take some comfort in the fact that even if you had a job, your salary probably wouldn’t be as much as the goody bag all the actors have just been given” he blasted. Gervais was making fun of the outrageous displays of wealth at the Academy Awards. This year’s gift bag cost more than $137,000 , THATS MORE THAN $280,000 in Fijian dollars and included a $12,000 liposuction operation, $25,000 in home renovations and a small plot of land in Scotland, along with the title Lord or Lady of Glencoe.

I swear with a gift bag like that I could probably sell that and set up a business here in Fiji. Imagine all that just so you don’t whine about losing an Oscar.