I’ve always heard of gang looking young for their age, but for someone who’s almost 30 to find it hard getting a job because he looks like he’s under 18 is a first for me.

Mao Sheng doesn’t just look young for his age. He looks like a literal child and it’s been hindering his job hunting adventures.

He said that he’s tried everywhere and he keeps getting the same answer – that he can’t be hired because his employers might be taken to task for child labor even though he’s 27.

He has been accused of faking his documents several times and it just doesn’t make his life any easier.

However, there was a job offered to him after he went viral on Tik Tok for his baby face features and he has accepted the job hoping to one day earn enough money to be able to look after his father and we love that for him.

It’s always been a dream for many to look younger than they actually are, but this is proof that that probably isn’t as great as it sounds.

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SOURCE: Oddity Centeral