This story is a little sad because the young woman’s motives for doing this are understandable, but that doesn’t excuse it from being wrong.

20-year-old Ayşe Özkiraz has always expressed how her family has always wanted her to become a doctor and to pursue medical studies after high school.

Unfortunately, she failed her med school entry exam. This, however, didn’t stop Özkiraz. She was so worried about how her parents would react that she lied to them saying she passed.

She even printed out a fake enrollment acceptance letter from the Med School that she was vying for.

One day, the mother fell really ill and needed to be taken to the hospital. Özkiraz took her and told the hospital staff that she too was a doctor.

You’re probably wondering how she was able to do all of this without anybody questioning her. Just know that when I say that she forged countless numbers of documents just to back her lie up, I really mean it!

That wasn’t the end of it, though. Later on, she managed to get a job at the hospital she had taken her mother to. According to reports, she had lied about her age saying that she was 35 even though she was 20.

The hospital didn’t realize this until over a year later when some of the doctors started getting suspicious because there were times when she would avoid answering medical questions. Sometimes she would answer the questions wrong.

When the hospital started digging into her background, they found out that she had never had any medical experience, to begin with. They pressed charges due to the seriousness of the issue and when police went to her apartment to search it, they found hundreds of forged documents and IDs.

All of this was just to make sure her parents were proud of her.