The parents of a 13-year-old gaming-addicted girl in China’s Henan province got the shock of their lives when they learned that she had spent 449,500 yuan ($140 568.75 FJD) on mobile games.

Imagine checking the savings account you’ve been putting money into for years and seeing it depleted overnight.

That’s exactly how one mother in China felt when she discovered that someone had used all the money she and her husband had been saving for years.

More shocking still was the discovery that the culprit had been her teen daughter, who had been using the woman’s debit card to fuel her video game addiction.

The girl had managed to deplete the savings account in about four months but managed to keep her spending habit a secret from her mother by deleting all banking history from her phone.

I have a feeling this is an international thing though… I know a few people who have this same problem…

So parents and guardians… if your children play Mobile Games… whatever you do.. do not link your games to your bank account..