The first thing I thought of when I saw this boy’s picture was that I need to sort my life out and go to the gym because there is a 12-year-old kid out here that’s putting in more work at the gym than I am at anything under the sun!

Carlos Augusto Pitanga Neto, aka ‘Cauzinho’, has just started hitting the gym two years ago, but his training regime will put most adults to shame.

According to Carlos’ father, who is also a fitness enthusiast, Carlos was obsessed with Soccer, but then out of the blue one day, he started asking about Cross Fit.

That’s when Carlos’ dad decided to start taking him to the gym. The agreement was that he would only spend time in the gym during the school holidays.

Carlos progressed very well and his parents even noticed that he was able to do things that most students who have been training for months couldn’t do.

Carlos has garnered an impressive amount of followers on social media, and with that comes the comments from people that think they know better.

“Way too much weight for a kid that is still growing,”

One person wrote while others commented on how it looks like he must be drinking body enhancing liquids.

His parents have assured everyone that he has a team of specialists that monitor him and that make sure his training and diet revolves around his age. They also want people to know that he has never taken body enhancing liquids and that everything he is is completely natural and is due to hard work and putting in the extra hours every morning or afternoon after school.

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