A spa resort in Japan has brought our wildest fantasies to life with a swimming pool filled entirely with red wine.

Yunessun Spa Resort located in Hakone, near Tokyo, gives holiday-goers the chance to literally bathe in the good stuff.

Apparently submerging yourself in a bit of Merlot or Pinot Noir helps you relax and keep your skin looking youthful.



Because you cannot drink the pool wine, the spa lets you drink a fresh glass of wine from a 12-foot bottle that sits poolside.

This sounds like the perfect getaway and we wish we were able to get one in the backyard, though we would probably never leave it.

If you’re having doubts about the benefits of swimming in some red, apparently Cleopatra engaged in the activity as part of her beauty ritual.

Unfortunately, the red wine pool is only open for 12 days a year so do a bit of planning before booking the flights – just make sure you’re swimwear isn’t white!

The resort also offers pools filled with coffee and sake so if red wine isn’t your thing you’re still in luck.