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Woman Receives Flowers Every Valentine’s Day from Late Husband

16 February 2024

There’s a sweet love story that continues to bloom every Valentine’s Day. One California woman knows she’s going to receive flowers and a card from her husband, even years after he died.

John and Diana Maver met in high school when they were 16 years old. They got married, had three children and lived happily together for 47 years until John Maver died in October 2017.

But their love story didn’t stop there. It continued four months later with flowers on Valentine’s Day 2018 – flowers that kept coming over the years.

Through whatever magic works in his world, it’s set up so that every year a bouquet of flowers shows up on her doorstep from my dad,”

said the couple’s daughter, Marilee Heard.

I think that that is one of the most romantic things I’ve ever heard of in my life.

The bouquet is always made up of red roses and white lilies, which Diana Maver says represent the couple’s love for each other. It also comes with the same card that reads, “I have one heart and that is you. You will always be my Valentine.”



For Valentine’s Day 2024, the now 77-year-old Diana Maver is looking forward to getting her flowers from her forever Valentine.

True love exists. Love can exist through life and through death. My dad is the ultimate romantic guy,

Heard said.

Now all that’s left is a Hallmark movie about their everlasting love.

[Source: Hawaii News Now]