A woman pulled out a gun inside Dallas Love Field Airport late Monday morning and began shooting toward the ceiling.

The woman has been identified as 37 yr old Portia Odufuwa and as of today, she remains in the hospital for her injuries.

Apparently, the woman has a history of mental illness and violent crimes, including arson and bank robbery. Documents had stated that on more than one occasion, when the woman was brought in for prior offenses, she would give Chris Brown’s home address as her contact information.

Claiming to be married to Chris Brown, she also told police that she was a prophet. In 2019. she was responsible for setting fire to her home in Mesquite.

I am God’s prophet. I’m basically letting you all know that I am the cause of this fire.

She wasn’t arrested for that though, because there wasn’t ay evidence to back her confession.

Damn. She really needs help. FAST.