A British woman finds herself in a situation when the scary temporary tattoo she stuck to her face for Halloween was far more permanent than she thought.

Elizabeth Rose took to TikTok to share her struggles trying to remove the scary sticker.

The now-viral clip has been viewed more than 1.6 million times.

She popped the ‘temporary’ tattoo for a bit of fun on her and her granddaughter, before realizing just how firmly on they were.

Put a tattoo sticker on, join in a bit of Halloween, you know? Put some on my granddaughter as well, she’s seven, and my daughter rings up going ‘has it come off? Well, it can’t be that difficult, surely?

Elizabeth picked up a cotton pad to try and scrub the tattoo off of her face, but it didn’t work.

The poor woman can then be heard sighing

F**k sake, I have meetings tomorrow

After some scrubbing, the 46-year-old managed to get the sticker off.

Since there was a lot of suggestions in the TikTok comments section, she applied another tattoo for fun.

She tried out parcel tape, nail varnish remover, baby oil, hand sanitizer, vodka and more.

In the follow up video she tried pressing the sticky side of the packing tape into her skin.

As she lifts the tape, the tattoo came off with ease.

What the f***k?

She kept trying with the tape and was shocked at how easy it was to remove this way.

Out of all the harsh chemicals she used on her face, all she needed was PACKING TAPE!

Imagine going to work & attending meetings looking like a ZOMBIE!