A Turkish woman recently filed a lawsuit against her husband, claiming that he hardly showers, sweats a lot, and brushes his teeth only once or twice a week.

The woman, identified only as A.Y, filed for divorce from her husband, C.Y., with his lack of personal hygiene being the main reason. The plaintiff’s lawyer said that the defendant wore the same clothes for at least 5 days in a row, hardly showered, and constantly reeked of sweat. The court approved the woman’s request for a divorce and also ordered the husband to pay her  $16,500 as compensation to his now-former spouse for putting up with his lack of personal hygiene.

If the shared life becomes unbearable due to behaviour, the other party has the right to file for divorce. We must all be careful in human relations! For this reason, we must pay attention to both our behaviour and cleanliness.

A.Y.’s lawyer, Senem Yılmazel, told the Turkish newspaper Sabah.

Would you do the same if your spouse hadn’t showered for a week?