Ice cream is something you enjoy intimately and if it comes on a stick, you don’t share it ( That’s what COVID has taught us). The only people we share Ice cream with are small kids and not other grown folks.

An amateur bodybuilder who enjoys ice cream as a cheat day treat says he recently ended up on the wrong side of his mother-in-law after refusing to let her lick his ice cream stick. He’d bought ice cream for himself, his wife, and his mother-in-law to enjoy during a movie night in, expecting they’d each stick to their own.

However, when he was halfway through his own stick, his mother-in-law asked if she could try a lick of his. He politely declined, telling her there was more of the same flavour in the freezer, but she persisted, explaining she just wanted a taste, not a whole stick.

Taking to Reddit, where he goes by the username u/DenierOfIceCream, the repulsed son-in-law recalled:

“Once more, I politely told her that I honestly didn’t want her to lick mine. I offered her the rest of the stick and I’d just grab the second one sitting in the freezer.

“My mother-in-law told me that I didn’t have to do all that and I can just resume eating my first one once she’s finished trying it out. I said no thanks, to which both wifey and mother-in-law proceeded to call me greedy and selfish for not sharing.

“I swear, I feel like any other person would have the same reaction as me in this situation but both of them have made me question myself if I’m seriously greedy for not wanting to literally share the same ice cream stick with my mother-in-law.”

To make matters worse, the vexed ice cream lover says his mother-in-law has a habit of letting her dogs lick her face – including the inside of her mouth – thus making her offer even less tempting.

Here is where things get twisted, WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOUR MOM IN LAW, WANT YOUR ICE CREAM, no pun intended. But people are different and some are willing to lick other people’s Ice Cream.




(Source: Mirror/Weird)