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Tune in everyday where we will be keeping you company on your mid-night shifts at work or around the tanoa. 12am-6am with the best music to ease your [...]

12:00 am

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Your mornings will never be boring again with Bunene, Drix, and Penny on FM96 every weekday from 6am to 9am. Expect plenty of laughs, heaps of fun, [...]

6:00 am

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Work Daze

Do you sometimes find yourself working so much better during the morning into your lunch period when you’re listening to something fun on the [...]

10:00 am

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The best hype-man with the best song plays, Tifa is with you from 2pm-7pm. Tune in for fun facts and weird stories and for new songs on the Breakout hour.[...]

2:00 pm

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Keep the hype going all the way into the night with Steven who's got enough fire to keep you going on the 2nite Show every weekday from 7 pm to [...]

7:00 pm

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