Taking showers together is an energy-saving suggestion in Switzerland.

How far do you go to save energy, I mean like what are certain measures you’d take to make ensure you use electricity and water efficiently?

Switzerland’s environment minister is promoting measures to reduce energy consumption by 15% this winter – and one of her suggestions is that the country’s people have showers together. Simonetta Sommaruga, 62, is suggesting people could “turn off the computer when you don’t need it, or turn off lights, or shower together”.

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The proposal has been met with incredulity in the country and Ms Sommaruga has been forced into clarifying that the tip was intended for young people. She conceded that “after a certain age, showering together is no longer suitable for everyone”.

However, she added that the idea had broadly gone down well and resulted in encouraging awareness of the need to make savings in consumption over the winter months.

Well, let’s just say everyone didn’t agree with the suggestion.

Sommaruga’s comments have been criticised by the editor of a women’s magazine ‘Femina’, saying that the Swiss government is trying ‘administer our private lives, down to the most trivial details.

Sommaruga responded to the backlash, saying that her comments were directed toward young people.

Only 25% of Switzerland’s energy is produced domestically. Russian-owned energy company Gazprom announced it will not be reopening the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. This is expected to impact Switzerland as it would mean less gas from Europe.

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(Source: Wales Online)