Russian YouTuber Alex Burkan is living your wildest dreams, crafting a real-life Iron Man suit that’s more than just a cosplay upgrade. This isn’t any cardboard arc reactor strapped to a jumpsuit. We’re talking repulsors, exoskeletons, and enough firepower to make Pepper Potts raise an eyebrow.

This isn’t Burkan’s first experiment with sci-fi tech. He already holds the Guinness World Record for the first working retractable lightsaber – a plasma-spitting behemoth that could carve butter. But the Iron Man Mark II suit is his new project.

Imagine a self-powered hydrogen reactor humming in your chest, bulletproof armor turning you into a walking tank, and an exoskeleton that makes bench-pressing Humvees feel like child’s play. Throw in a repulsor upgrade that channels Captain America vibes (minus the shield, for now), and you’ve got a superhero starter kit fit for a Tony Stark wannabe.

Sure, the suit’s still a work in progress, but it spits fire. A recent Instagram post showcases Burkan cold-thrust testing the repulsor, unleashing a blast of hydrogen and oxygen that sends him stumbling back.

Got some doubts about hot tests,

Burkan admits,

The point is that Burkan’s pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, blurring the lines between superhero fantasy and real-world engineering. And when he finally takes to the skies in his homemade metal bird, you’ll be the first to know… after you pick your jaw up off the floor.

[Source: Interesting Engineering]