Now comes the King of academy award roasts, Ricky Gervais with his take on the situation and how it would go if he was to host the Oscars. Now he has hosted the Golden Globes five times already and every single time he’s successfully roasted the high mighty of Hollywood successfully, ripping them apart with the harsh truth while getting a few laughs at their expense.

He took to Twitter to tweet how he would’ve opened up at the Oscars , saying ;

This is a reference to the goody bags that were given during the Oscars whose value was a little over $137,000 ; yup, A gift bag worth ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY THOUSAND was given to every guest in attendance.

He goes on to say he’ll probably never host the Academy Awards.

“I might be allowed to host [the Oscars] if I did what I was told, but there’s the rub,The good thing about the Globes was [that] they said I could write my own jokes, say what I want, and not rehearse.”

He added, “And that is just too good for a comedian to turn down, whereas I don’t think the Oscars would ever allow me that freedom, and rightly so. I think they would be mad.”