How old should you be before you can get a tattoo?

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A woman is facing charges after she let her ten-year-old son get a tattoo on his forearm. And it’s not even a cool tattoo . . . just his first name in big block letters, seven inches long.  (So basically, his whole forearm.)

New York doesn’t allow tattoos for minors, even with a parent’s consent. So you can’t get one at 17, let alone ten. He got it in a hotel room, not a legit tattoo parlour.

The kid’s school found out after he asked the nurse to rub some Vaseline on it while it was still healing.

The mom is facing charges of endangering the welfare of a child. The kid and an older sibling were both placed with protective services. It’s not clear if she got them back yet or not. Police say the tattoo artist who inked the kid up could also face charges, but they haven’t found him yet.