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You can never expect less from Vula especially when it comes to being a fire-cracker in a boring environment. She sets a neutral tone to the atmosphere as she finds herself being the bridge to introducing other people to her team members. She’s loud, bubbly and a happy go lucky person, it’s hard not to have a fun moment with her.

She has been a radio personality for 5 years and is well-loved by her tonight show listeners and TikTok fans. Wanna learn new dance moves? Vula is your girl.

One of the her important traits, is the genuine care she has for her team members and for other people. She’ll sit down with you and listen to to your problems and will try to make you laugh by deliberately making mistakes between monologues. A good example is when she mispronounces a word and you won’t help but to smile. Other than that it’s just “VULA WHAT THE-”

She’s athletic given that she’s been playing soccer all her life. She’s stylish and would create an outfit out of materials that you never thought would work together. Her interests lies in music, ranging from pop to ballad…and is very well versed with the Hindi language. Sometimes she surprises us with how well-spoken she is when she’s conversing in Hindi with other workmates.

Vula is also a huge fan of Kpop. She and Tammy are close because of this. They have the same interest. She loves BTS. Her bias is Jimin and one of the most common lines she’d say about him is “Oppa..I want to hug you”. Tammy would make fun of her because Oppa is Korean for “big brother” and Vula is not that young hahahhah

As someone who’s dealt with online critics, she has definitely come out stronger and that’s what we love about her. Her ability to move forward and focus only on the positives. But sometimes it’s better not to push her buttons. Let’s just say it doesn’t end well.

Being on radio for 5 years has been a learning process for her. We will definitely miss her once she leaves us. She’ll be handing over her baby, the Tonite Show, to Tammy and will be moving on to greener pastures.

Make sure to catch Vula live tonight at 7-12am and tomorrow as she hands over the Tonite Show to Tammy.

We love and miss you already, moon !