A dangerous criminal managed to escape prison by disguising himself as a woman and simply walking out at the end of visiting hours.

Manuel Lorenzo Ávila Alvarado, a 25-year-old man imprisoned for homicide and aggravated robbery managed to escape El Libertador Prison in Venezuela’s Carabobo state on March 13. Despite having a dark skin tone, Alvarado managed to trick several prison guards that he was a blond woman by putting on a wig and female clothes, most likely brought in by his girlfriend.

Prison security cameras captured the moment when the inmate, dressed as a lady, casually walked out of the guarded facility by mingling with a group of actual women at the end of visiting hours. .

This isn’t the first time a male inmate uses a female disguise to break out of prison. A couple of years ago, a Paraguayan man nicknamed ‘Gordito Lindo’ pulled the same stunt, putting on a black wig, makeup, and women’s clothes, and walking out the front door of the prison. His freedom was short-lived, though, as authorities managed to apprehend him in a couple of hours.